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"Russian Transhumanism Movement" (RTM) is a civil society organization, the largest in Eurasia, which unites many people, who share transhumanistic worldview. We admit the possibility and desirability of improvements in human nature with cutting-edge technology in order to eliminate diseases, aging and death, and significantly enhance human physical and mental abilities.

RTM supports promising trends in science, technology and medicine, attracts attention of government and society to the benefits of transhumanistic view of the world and concerns of humans' future evolution.

We develop projects in futurology, gerontology, medicine, cryonics, intelligence amplification, we study possibilities of transferring human conciousness to nonbiological carriers. We welcome nanotechnology and nanomedicine, brain-computer interfaces and artificial organs and bodies, advances in genome studies, studying aging markers and regenerative cell therapy.

Our goal is to create safe and happy future world — a world, where mass supertechnology provides everyone an opportunity to constantly evolve, a world, which is secured from global risks.

Active longevity, genetic engineering, gerontology, artificial intelligence, cryonics, knowledge engineering, nanotechnology, robots, futurology — now it's real.